Over and Out

I thought I would skip it this year... I did not exactly feel like looking back and taking an inventory of 2017... But I still gave it a thought and realised that maybe I did need to put down in writing all of the accomplishments of this past year, pat myself on the shoulder (which … Continue reading Over and Out


Merry Christmas!

As I walked in the room, I could see he immediately started to hurry finishing what he was doing... he then started making his way to me and extending his arms... when he arrived in front of me, he just wrapped them around my body and pulled me in, tightly... this was one of my … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Too far!

I would not call it a mistake... I am still looking for the right word... misjudgement, miscalculation, misdirection... I definitely mis[sed] something there... It started with me wanting to go the minimalist road. I have been fascinated with the whole "tiny house" movement for years. And then, anticipating on the job loss, I figured I … Continue reading Too far!