What would you choose if it were easy?

As I was skimming through Tim Ferriss’ latest book, I stumbled upon this one question that he asks himself when considering a business decision, or a personal relationship, etc. “What would this look like if it were easy?” To him, this is the one question that helps answer many others. By the time I arrived at my subway stop and shut down the book, my mind had remembered it slightly differently. Here is the question that my brain had decided I needed to ask myself: “what would I choose if it were easy?

I find that when I am faced with difficult decisions to make, I go back and forth between what I should do and what I would want to do; I consider what would be the right thing to do, the most productive, the most constructive, the most authentic, graceful, considerate… I get lost in all the different perspectives and in the end, I sometimes cannot even figure out what it is I truly want. So I started thinking about that one tough spot in my life these days and asked myself “what would I choose if it were easy?” In the specific scenario that came to my mind, ‘easy’ meant nobody would get hurt and no matter the decision, everyone would be ok in the end… In a matter of seconds, to my own surprise, my mind had answered the question. And what was even more surprising was the road it was ready to travel… I was in disbelief! Really?! If it was easy, THAT would my choice? Talk about instant clarity!

I started looking for other situations that were giving me a bit of a pause and asking myself that new question: how to handle that recent connection? Did I want to move out of here and where did I want to go? What was I really ready to do about this or that? And responses were coming to mind effortlessly… What was it about this question that made it so easy? I was baffled…

And then I saw a little sparkle: it was about fear! Fear to lose, fear to get rejected, fear to get hurt, to have regrets, to do something that could never be changed… And maybe even, fear to get what I wanted… And as I removed the fears from the different scenarios, once I was able to stop focusing on the potential consequences or collateral damages, I was left listening to my heart…

I am not necessarily sure that I am ready to follow it… I am not even sure that knowing what your heart wants means that you should follow it… So I most likely have a bit more to do to be able to give all the potential repercussions of my choices and actions the appropriate amount of consideration but I still think I might have found a guiding light to bring a bit more clarity to my path.

To be continued…


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