Follow the Joy

There has been this black & white photo challenge going on Facebook for the past few weeks and whenever pictures would show up on my wall, I was hoping that my name would not. And then it did… And I cringed… I am not a big fan of all those FB games or challenges and peer pressure will not get me anywhere… Still, I let myself contemplate it for a bit… I could not see myself getting into it but I was willing to stay open-minded… So I randomly snatched a picture and posted it… At first I did not know exactly what happened but it felt nice. It did not take me long to realise that this was actually one of the practices that we present and invite participants to complete in the positive psychology workshop that my friends and I have started offering.

The objective is to start looking at our daily environment differently in order to find beauty and joy and generate positive emotions. That simple exercice that I had done many times in the past was enabling me to see things differently as I was looking for my picture of the day: the reflection in a mirror of a beautiful tile floor, the pattern of my new rug as I finished my yoga practice, the lights by my couch, one of my most loved possession by the window… On top of it, I think I just discovered how black and white photography gave this new depth to everything…

In the end, this photo challenge has been a lot of fun and has given me the opportunity to look at my surroundings differently. I took many more pictures than I posted but most importantly, I have seen much more than I usually do and this has been pretty priceless.




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