Too far!

I would not call it a mistake… I am still looking for the right word… misjudgement, miscalculation, misdirection… I definitely mis[sed] something there…

It started with me wanting to go the minimalist road. I have been fascinated with the whole “tiny house” movement for years. And then, anticipating on the job loss, I figured I would downgrade my apartment in order to reduce my costs of living and, at the same time, the stress I would be put under. I have never been one to accumulate much… In many ways I hate shopping, and buying stuff for the house is one of the last things I enjoy doing… Mostly because all the items that are in my home have a meaning, a story, a memory… and buying stuff just to put it on a wall or on a shelf is simply something that I would not think about. And to be truthful, I think that letting so much go when prepping for my transatlantic move a few years back has made it difficult for me to accumulate or maybe simply to commit to things… I have been thinking about buying a new bed for a few months now but there is part of me that thinks that it would be silly since I am about to leave town… And then the other part of me chimes in and asks “leaving town? who’s leaving town?” [Eye roll]

There were many reasons for me to move. First of all, it had been three years in that place and I was getting antsy. I get really bored taking the same way home day after day after day. No matter the scenery -and that means even when my home was right along the Saône river in Lyon and I got to walk alongside those beautiful buildings and bridges- I go nuts walking or driving along the same roads to get back home… I am hopeful that when I find my true home, this will not happen anymore…

And then I wanted to be back in the middle of the town. I am not a big fan of big cities but Lyon does not feel like a big city to me; it’s more like a little town, with buildings that are really not that high, lots of trees, lots of space to go running even in the middle of downtown, the ability to easily bike -or even walk- anywhere and nothing so full of energy or stress. I figured if I am out-of-work and in a rut, I want to be able to walk out the door and be close to everything in a heartbeat. I ended up in the exact neighborhood I wanted to be in except that it is a very quiet area of that neighborhood, which is a major plus.

I also wanted to be able to go running easily and I am about 3 minutes away from the river banks. I wanted a balcony for my plants and I got it; a garage for my car so I would not go crazy finding parking in the city and I got it. Lots of windows and light: check and check. I literally found the perfect place considering the criteria I had selected.

I just forgot a couple of things: I did not realize how much I enjoyed having a bathtub! I do not take baths that often but at the end of a long run in the cold or a long day hiking, it is so nice being able to slide into some warm water and watch some TV shows or a movie.

I also had to give up on my 8+ dining room table. I do not necessarily entertain that much. I think that when you live in the city, you tend to go out more than stay in. Still, I miss having it.

And then I miss space… space to be creative, to make a mess and not have to tidy it up for days, space to cook big meals or lay out the plans and papers for a big project… space to just extend my arms and breath… space to step away and dream… the balcony is perfect for that last one when the weather permits but I feel a bit constricted indoors this time of year.

And I miss space to welcome people in my home… In the past, we would always end up on the couch or around the coffee table, pretty much no matter the size of the group… Still, I am realising that it is one thing for me to choose to use my couch as a dining area and another one to no longer have an option…

So I think I am giving up on the thought of a tiny house… I do not need that much space but I am not ready to downsize any further than what I just did… And it turns out that even though I am ok living in the city for now, every morning when I open the blinds my eyes cannot help but look for the mountains… I can feel them calling and sooner or later, I know I will have to go…



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