This too shall pass

When things get rough, there is one rule I like to go back to: be truthful, authentic, and kind… Just say what you mean without making up stories and always speak from the heart; be authentic even if it makes you feel so raw and puts you in a position of vulnerability; be kind and compassionate, keeping the other’s well-being in mind… I do believe that love is stronger than pride and that for a relationship to work, you have to be willing to bare yourself with your heart in your hands and take a leap of faith in order to find a way to get things resolved.

I have proceeded this way many times in the past and that left me with the feeling that I always did the best I could to save a relationship and it helped me move forward when it did not work out… There is nothing in my past I would change about how I have dealt with the ends of relationships, whether they may have been romantic ones or not.

Yet, sometimes, it seems that self-censorship is in order… that opening up and spilling my guts will not help… at all… and that discipline and self-control are the only way to go in order to maintain equilibrium…

I hate it… this is not how I choose to live my life… but sometimes, I guess it is best to bow and step away when there is no possible resolution in sight…

So I do not reach out, I do not speak my mind, I do not tell my truth or open my heart against all odds… I put all my energy in resisting my own will and desires…

It is so hard… I do question it as it does not bring me much peace of mind… but as we’ve probably all experienced at least once, time heals all wounds… so i’m trying to be patient and repeat to myself over and over “this too shall pass…”

Annecy, August 12th 2017


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