The past few weeks have been filled with awakenings for me… Since mid-summer, I have been discovering much about myself… It’s been exhausting, it’s been very emotional, and at the same time, it’s been empowering… Unexpectedly, I was given a key to understand so much of my past actions and reactions, behaviors and choices, wanderings and cravings… There was this big theory being laid down in front of me that would point out the lining to so many events of the past. I cried at least once a day for close to two months in a row, sometimes because there were too many emotions, sometimes because there was too much frustration, sometimes simply out of joy or sadness, and often simply out of pure exhaustion… It’s progressively fading… And while I am far from having finished my homework, the answers I was given have helped me rediscover the keys that have so often helped me move forward… and one of them has always been authenticity.

When you take the time to ground yourself, to find your truth and to share it with kindness, compassion and respect, people seem to be much more able to see you and hear you and respond in like. It happened once again recently. In the midst of this complicated professional situation, I asked for a meeting with the HR Director. I was anxious but I chose to be authentic, to be myself, and say what I meant and felt was right. For me, this is one way to make sure that I will not have any regret.

Turns out it may have made all the difference: as I was told, when finally meeting me and seeing how I carried myself, the person across the table realized that everything I had brought up was true and that contrary to what she had somehow come to convince herself of, my claims were a reflection of the truth. And from that moment on, it became much easier to move forward while we both chose to be transparent with one another…

And this is such a welcome reminder for me: authenticity is a key to human connection and to freedom… It makes me wonder about a few things that I could handle better these days, or at least differently… The question that remains though as far as those relationships are concerned is do I truly want connection there?

“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter
and those who matter don’t mind.”
~Theodor Seuss Geisel


3 thoughts on “Authenticity

    1. Yes! Thanks for your message… :) And sometimes it takes digging deep into our own vulnerability and shed the armors we’ve put on to seemingly protect ourselves… Interestingly enough, I think I was able to take that step with either a lot of courage or sometimes simply when keeping up the walls was more than I could handle… I have never regretted it…

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