I never really know what to expect with her. Sometime you would think that she has got it all pretty much figured out. And then, what she was expecting or waiting for to happen actually does happen and it is like a whirlwind of emotions to face. And it seems she barely has any handle on her emotions either, going from unpleasant ones to pleasant ones (and vice versa) in a heartbeat.

Some days, I have absolutely no control over her… She gets those major rush of adrenaline, mostly when she is driving, and I am totally helpless reining her in… One day, her car will be found at the bottom of some cliffs, the music still blasting, and I know that she will not regret a thing…

Some days, she gets lost in dark depressive downwards spirals and she falls so far down so fast that I do not always have the time or the presence of mind to reach out and hold her hand to calm her down. I do my best.

Recently, she found her tribe… a few people here and there who finally made her feel at home… who could be her newfound family… the one you get to choose when the one you were given is having a hard time keeping its end of the bargain…

And here I will stay, as close as possible, watching over her, cherishing her and keeping her safe as much as I can while she finds her way. And I will learn empathy and compassion and tolerance and love so that I can give it all to her. And I hope I get to watch her find her purpose and grow happy and full of life. And I do intend to stick around, to hold her through thick and thin, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, for all the days ahead…

Because I do want to see where this path will lead…


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