1. the omission of one or more words that are obviously understood but that must be supplied to make a construction grammatically complete:  a sudden leap from one topic to another

  2. marks or a mark (as …) indicating an omission (as of words) or a pause

I love ellipses… I use them all the time and I put them everywhere… Everywhere… And actually, when I get a tattoo, I might even get one in there somewhere…

I love not having to signify the end of something… I love leaving all the doors open, all the options available, all the possibilities possible…

Or is it that I hate periods?

Periods can be so harsh! They mean to end conversations, to shut down doors on what could be, to streamline the possibilities, to put an end to it, right there and then, to turn out dreams. They can be like cease and desist letters signifying that there is no further point in arguing the case. It is done and over with. Period.

I guess I struggle with that… and as much as I know and accept that whenever we make a choice, we willfully also choose to let something slip through our fingers and agree to mourn it, I also know that with many things, and most especially with my words, I’ll just keep on trying to have it all… as long as it makes me smile…


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