I have a brother who, very conveniently, has an apartment in Annecy and who, very kindly, has offered for me to use it whenever I feel like escaping the city. So for the past couple of summers, I have been coming here for long weekends, sometimes with company and sometimes alone. It is amazing how a short drive can transport you so far away that you would immediately and totally feel on vacation.

FullSizeRenderOn the first night, I went for fondue with this young woman from Hong Kong I met on the way here. It was a spur of the moment decision and turned out to be a lovely beginning to a lovely weekend. And the fondue was so absolutely delicious that my mouth still waters at the though of it!

Throughout the course of the long weekend, I wandered around the streets of Annecy, hiked up La Tournette and le Taillefer, swam in the lake, and even saw some ibexes!

At 2,351 m, La Tournette is the highest of the mountains surrounding the Lac d’Annecy. I started at around 1,216 m and made the poor decision to leave my trekking poles in the car. IMG_4256.jpgI pretty much regretted it throughout the day as the hike is quite steep and pretty much going solely through slippery sliding rocks. Each time I looked up from my feet to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous surrounding, I would lose my balance and almost fall. So I was pretty slow as all I wanted to do was to take in the view. I did not make it all the way to the top: I stopped for a late lunch and when I got up again, my legs felt too weak and too tired to keep on going up. As I was on my own, it felt wiser to use the energy I had left to go as safely as possible back to my car. That was slightly disappointing but it felt so right that I did not give it too much thoughts. I will admit that I was pretty happy to make it down in one piece, and I immediately drove back down to the lake for a dive in the sunset.

The day after, I went for another hike that was not quite as ambitious. It was more of a leisurely walk and was exactly what my legs and I needed.

IMG_4272.jpgThis kind of scenery makes me so happy that I could not help but wonder whether it was time for me to move away from the city and closer to the mountains… I will be thinking about this for a bit but in the meantime, I will escape as often as I can.


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