Pieces from the Past

At first it was unintentional: whenever I would start a new book, I would grab whatever piece of paper I could find to use as a page holder. And when I would put the book away, I would leave the page holder in there (sometimes simply because I would never finish the book). Years later, when picking the book up again, I would stumble upon those little pieces from the past and it was always so nice to reminisce: there were plane, train, subway or concert tickets, photos and postcards, love notes and random restaurant cards… And I could link the first time I had read the book to a specific moment in my life because of what I had used as a page holder.


Sometimes, I would even leave little random pieces of paper in coats or jackets pockets: for years, I walked around with a Lenny Kravitz concert ticket in the breast pocket of a jacket. I would barely use that pocket so I would very rarely stumble upon it but whenever it happened, it would make me smile… There was also this little love card that came with some Valentine’s Day flowers that lived in a tiny coat pocket for many years.


Sometimes, I have stumbled upon cards with words that would simply make me cringe or roll my eyes but in the end, it is just lovely to live around all those memories from the past: they are little reminders of my story, little bits and pieces of where I have been throughout the years, that come together in the present and make me feel whole.

So whenever it is not too much of a stretch, when I start a new book, I still reach out for something that I think I will enjoy stumbling upon in a couple of years.



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