Back in May, I was able to attend my close friends’ wedding in Baltimore, MD. When they had first told me the date of the big day, I did not really think that I could ever attend: that was a good 10 months earlier and my plans were to travel to Asia as soon as I could… But plans get messed up so Baltimore became an option. And looking back today, I feel so very thankful that I was to attend this wedding.

When we got up that morning, there was so much joy and happiness in the air and in the house (I was one of the lucky few who got to stay in the grooms’ home). Thanks to being jet lagged, I woke up early and decided to make pancakes for everyone. So my day started with a long walk around their neighbourhood looking for eggs. And that was lovely…

After breakfast, the photograph showed up and we got to stand back and see her take pictures of the lovebirds getting ready… And that was very sweet. They left for church ahead of us to take pictures on the way and when we got ready, we also made our way over there… It was just so pleasant to be walking in the streets of this little neighbourhood, all dressed up in the middle of the day.

Messages Image(741412046) The church ceremony was probably the most beautiful ceremony I have ever attended… I would not be surprised to hear that there was not a dry eye in the house… Never before did a wedding speech ring so true to me: it absolutely felt as if we were indeed all gathered there that day to witness those two amazing individuals commit to each other, in sickness and in health, for ever and ever… It truly felt that we all were standing to show our support for their relationship and that we were also committing to be there for them throughout any trials that might come their way. It was very overwhelming to me to see the outpour of love and support coming from everyone sitting in the church towards the very obviously emotional couple and it felt as if that was what a marriage ceremony was truly all about: being surrounded by the people who love you and who support your relationship and the choices you make for yourself, your well-being, your happiness, your life… It was truly all about love. And that was so touching and heartwarming.

After the ceremony, we walked to the hotel where the cocktail hours and the reception would take place. The rest of the day was very joyful and it was so sweet to see all the guests treating each other as if they were all really good friends. There was this very strong sense of ‘the friends of my friends are my friends’ and I truly felt surrounded by close friends all day and evening.

There were dancing, eating, laughing, chatting and some more dancing… There was a very sweet last dance, and a delightful walk back home where we chatted and laughed some more… And when I look back, it seemed like it all went by very slowly because I have so many wonderful memories of that day.

I love you both and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your special day… May you always find yourself as happy, loved and supported as you were that day.

To be continued…


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