I hike alone…

This past summer, I have been enjoying spending time in nature a lot… I think it started somewhere around June when I ended up spending a day in the Massif de la Chartreuse for a little seminar… And then came July and a 4-day seminar in the same area. I was staying in this lovely retreat center in this tiny village in the middle of almost nowhere and the view from my window was just gorgeous. I would go to bed with my windows wide open and felt so close to nature.


On the first evening, I went for a run in the area and it simply was so pleasant to run surrounded by mountains. I felt I could keep going for so much longer than I usually run. On the second evening, I went for a swim in a nearby lake and it felt amazing. And then, I was hooked. All I wanted was to be surrounded by lakes and mountains.


So at first, I went and spent the day by the lake d’Aiguebelette. There again, there was water and mountains… But soon enough, I wanted to start hiking upwards in order to see those beautiful lakes from higher. So I decided to hike back up the Dent du Chat… I asked around to see if any of my friends would want to tag along but I guess I need new friends everybody was either busy or out of town. And I know that it is not such a good idea to go hiking alone but I simply was not willing to give it up and stay home. So off I went and spent an amazing day!


There were a couple of more walks/hikes here and there with some friends.


In a couple of days, I am going back out there alone… I am very well aware of bla bla bla [sic] so I emailed my hiking trail to a friend in advance so that at least one person would know where I am and could potentially check on me. I even thought about inviting other friends to come with me but the truth is that I like being alone these days and I really do not feel like chatting much… Sometimes, sharing is overrated and experiencing something in silence is the best way to fully breath it in. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “I hike alone…

  1. Hiking alone surrounded by the beauty of nature is my favorite form of meditation. While hiking with friends and family is my favorite pastime. One day my friend we shall hike together! Love this post and the beautiful pictures.


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