At the beginning of 2014, I decided that I was not going to make any new year resolutions… I figured that I did not always follow through with them so why bother… Also, I was trying to lower my expectations in order to avoid deceptions and I was somewhat curious to see how that would pan out… Well, it turns out that the result is not very… much… of anything… I don’t feel I accomplished much in 2014; if anything, I feel like this has been a year with barely any accomplishment at all…

And I guess that is what happens when you walk around without goal or objective or strategies. You are pretty much walking around aimlessly. And where this is no will, there is no way.

So in early 2015, I decided to give my life a direction again. I spent some time reflecting on what I wanted to achieve on both a personal and professional level; I wrote down my dreams, my desires, my wishes… The list is actually still in the making… Well, actually, it is more like a little notebook because this time, I believe that setting my intentions and staying focused on them will make it easier for me to manifest them and possible fulfil them. There is nothing mind-blowing on my list… It is first and foremost about taking care of myself by eating healthy, exercising, socialising with fun and positive people and letting go of the draining relationships in my life, and last but not least, it is about bringing as much laughter into my life as possible.

There are also some items with a more long-term impact and so far, some of these are already in the making.

Truth is that at the end of 2014, I missed looking at my list of new year resolutions to see if I had accomplished any. I believe it is important to regularly reflect on what we have worked on and achieved. It helps bringing gratitude into our lives and might even lead us to think about indulgence, forgiveness, and compassion.



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