Life goes on… almost…

I have recently been diagnosed with a pretty invalidating condition… It is called Adhesive Capsulitis and like most people, I really did not know anything about it until about a month ago. The facts are that I started having pain in my left shoulder back in February… At first, it was rather random and very mild and it simply started causing me pain when I would put on a jacket or something that would require for me to move my arm in some kind of backward motion. In May, I decided to give up on rowing… In July, I was very careful carrying boxes and pieces of furniture during the move to my new apartment. In August, I went to see my PCP as the osteopathic visits were not bringing me much relief… That was followed with X-rays and ultrasounds, therapy sessions and another osteopath and still, nobody could come up with a diagnostic.

Early October, a friend of mine told me about capsulitis. I researched it and found that it matched my symptoms pretty well but when I mentioned it to my PCP, he simply said “no, that was not a capsulitis” although he agreed that there was very obviously something wrong with my shoulder and that we needed to keep looking. By then, the pain was fairly constant… And sometimes, it was even excruciating to the point where I thought I could actually faint from it. So he prescribed an arthro-scanner… I called the local clinic the minute I walked out of his office and was able to get an appointment for 3 weeks later! During that time, things progressively got worse and mobility in my shoulder was significantly reduced: I could no longer tie my hair, and getting dressed, strapping a bra or even just washing my hair was becoming quite a challenge.

The arthro-scanner was performed and the verdict was given: adhesive capsulitis (also known as frozen shoulder).

So I have been on medical leave for over a month now. And it is supposed to last until January 15th although it will most likely take me about a year to really get better… In the meantime, life goes on… Well, kinda!!!


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