I am not cold

This past winter, something has happened that has made my life very pleasant:

I am not cold!

In my family, I have often been teased as the one that was overly sensitive to the cold. I like a lot of blankets, I like the bathroom to be reasonably warm when I take a shower, and when it is winter outside, I hate it if someone opens the windows and leaves it wide open while I am having breakfast (or any other meal for that matter).

But this past winter year, I have very rarely been cold. Au contraire, I have been so warm that I try to come to work with either short sleeve tops underneath my warmer tops or just light layers. I think that what helps is that I have not been heating my apartment like crazy. Last year, I spent the early months of winter in an apartment that was so heated from all around (apartments above, below and around + the hallways) that I could turn off all the radiators and still maintain a temperature of about 24-25° C (75-77° F°). I even often had the window open in order to get a bit of oxygen and fresh air. Sadly, whenever I would step outside, nowhere was heated quite as much and I ended up being cold most of the time, putting layers of warm clothes on top on one another.

This year, I think the temperature in my new home is barely ever reaching 21° C (below 70° F°) and I turn off the heat during the night so in the morning, it can easily be between 16-18° C (60-64.5° F°). It is totally fine; and if I feel a bit chilly, I just wrapped myself in one of my very lovely fleece blankets. Now the best part is that stepping outside no longer is such a dreadful experience. And at work, because I work in a room with about 15 other people, I will often be the one opening the windows because I am actually sweating.

It is quite fascinating to me. I guess your body does truly get used to your environment. After all, I tolerated low temperatures much better when I lived in New England than when in Florida.


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