My TV and Me

I recently put away the TV I was given as a birthday present over a year ago.
Simply because I am never watching it.

I would rarely think about turning it on and on a couple of occasions, I actually found myself on the other end of the apartment shortly after having turned it on and  the thing was off and I did not remember anything about what was playing so I can only guess it was pretty boring. Moreover, it has been many many years since I just sat in front of a TV, flicking through  TV channels until I would find something to settle for.

Since the day I was able to start recording my favorite TV shows, I have pretty much stopped watching live TV and it has simply been heaven. So now, I can say that I do not watch TV but the truth is that I watch a lot of TV shows. When I left the States, I was a bit concerned that I was not going to be able to watch my favorite shows anymore: France is most of the time at least one season behind if not more and the Christmas or Thanksgiving episode could easily be broadcasted in the month of April so that is simply no fun. On top of it, it is really weird to watch my shows dubbed in French as I can perfectly recall the actor’s real voice.

Thankfully, I found a way to access everything that is broadcasted on US TV within 24 hours. I will not watch a show as soon as it is available because it would simply be too much work to figure out what plays on which day at what time, but every time there is some kind of break (i.e. winter or summer break), I am able to catch up with everything… My friend Jess and I watch most of the same shows so we like to figure out who watches the most. I am both proud and ashamed to say that I won (in my defense, I have had to spend a lot of time laying down over the summer so there was not much anything else to do…) :p So here is the list of the TV shows I was watching in 2012, starting with my favorite ones.

Once Upon a Time
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met your Mother
Raising Hope
Modern Family
Grey’s Anatomy
Downton Abbey
Cougar Town
The Good Wife
The Office
New Girl
Two and a half Men
Switched at birth
Pretty Little Liars

And the now long gone Weeds and Desperate Housewives. And sometimes, when there is nothing left to watch, the Kardashians…

Yes, I know: that’s a lot! But my New Year’s resolution is to not start watching any new ones. I actually tried to start watching Homeland but it is just too dark for me and as far as I am concerned, my shows need to be uplifting, funny and positive (well beside for Grey’s Anatomy but I am mostly attached to that one because it has been so long). So yes, I intend to try to cut down and remove a few titles from that list. These days, I am addicted to reading anyway so hopefully, I won’t get bad withdrawals symptoms.


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