Best Moments of 2012

I cannot quite believe that today is yet another December 31st. The past year has been going by so fast and it is already time to turn the calendar page. As I look back, I do wish that I had accomplished more. I think that I am one of those persons who strives on working on projects, setting up goals, and overcoming challenges. I need to feel alive on a regular basis and as much as I want a simple kind of life, I revel in taking the road less traveled by and searching for ways to keep my days stimulating and my routine unexpected.

In some ways, I did succeed… So I figured I would write a list of the best moments of 2012 to mark the end of this year…. Here goes, in no specific order.

  • My trip to Thailand was wondermazing and definitely a very high point. It made me feel a way I have not felt since I have left the United States: empowered, inspired, free, and above all, myself… So there were many ‘best moments’ during that trip: traveling the Malacca Strait on the deck of a ferry, falling asleep in a little hut to the sound of the waves nearby, snorkeling among the most colorful fishes, riding a scooter for hours far away in the mountains or by the sea, savoring many delicious mangos, coconuts, pomegranates, guavas, pineapples, dragon fruits, and langsarts among others, attending a buddhist service, chatting with and being blessed by monks, riding an elephant, smiling constantly and truly feeling that life was exactly what it was always supposed to be…
  • A wonderful weekend around Cinque Terra with someone I consider as one of my best and closest friends, talking about our lives and our respective relationships
  • A visit from Skydiva, my other best and closest friend
  • The opportunity to look at the end of my marriage with a different outlook, finally remembering all the good and letting go of the bad
  • The beginning of a lovely relationship with my favorite person in the whole wide world.

And I am probably forgetting many other wonderful moments…

So au revoir 2012, and thank you for the memories…



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