Moving much…

I recently stumbled upon a list I wrote a few months back. It is a list of all the different places where I have lived since I have left my parents’ house in the late 90s… The rules I decided to go by was that for a place to make it to the list, I either had had to pay rent or live there for more than 3 months… So if I lived somewhere with a friend or a relative rent-free for less than 3 months, that location did not make the cut…. Here goes:

  1. Valence (2 school years)
  2. Grenoble (1 school year)
  3. Méribel-les-Allues (3 months)
  4. Mohegan Lake, NY (1 year)
  5. Paris (8 months)
  6. South Salem, NY (5 months)
  7. Midtown Manhattan (4 months)
  8. Houston Street, NY (1 year)
  9. Brooklyn, NY (4 months)
  10. Brooklyn, NY (4 months)
  11. Upper East Side, NY (4 months)
  12. Cranston, RI (1 year)
  13. Stoughton, MA (1 year)
  14. Sarasota, FL (3 years)
  15. Greenville, NC (1 year)
  16. South Salem, NY (3 months)
  17. Cranston, RI (6 months)
  18. Acton, MA (4 months)
  19. Newton, MA (7 months)
  20. Wellesley, MA (9 months)
  21. Carrboro, NC (10 months)
  22. Durham, NC (3 years)
  23. Chapel Hill, NC (3 months)
  24. Durham, NC (6 months)
  25. St Firmin, Lyon (4 months)
  26. Antibes (1 month)
  27. St Firmin, Lyon (1 year)
  28. Marius Berliet, Lyon (3 months)
  29. Pierre Scize, Lyon (since January but who knows for how much longer…)

It shows that for the past 24 years I have, in average, moved every 10 months…

That is a total of 9 years in New England and close to 5 in North Carolina… It is actually surprising to me that I spent so many years in NC… In some ways, my heart will always belong to New York… As an American, I do feel that I come from New York… And I will always be a Yankee at heart… :)



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