Petit Papa Noël

My mom recently told me that I needed to start writing my letter to Santa so I have been trying hard to think about what I would want. If I let my imagination goes wild without taking my relatives’ income in consideration, I guess it would be nice to get a new iPhone 5. I have a 3GS that I have dropped and scratched a few times and I actually wonder how much longer it is going to be around.


At the same time, I am getting a little tired with all that technology that we carry around… It can sometimes be too much stimulation and having access to my emails, tweets, messages, calls, voice messages, etc., all day long, makes me feel as if I cannot ever just be on my own without any outside interruption. So what I would rather have, is a very simple phone. Something that would only do phone calls and texts. Period! That would make my day… But then, I was thinking that it would be nice to have a mini iPad just in case I have to take care of a few things on the run, like pay my rent, check my bank accounts balance, or look for directions from here to there (the GPS is probably the most used tool on my iPhone).


I also would like a keyboard… I have noticed that I type much faster in front of a keyboard than when using my laptop so that would be nice… I have been looking at second-hand websites as I have no real desire to buy it new and it would be nice if Santa took care of it but I am pretty sure I will end up getting one regardless…


But then, I was thinking: why not just ask Santa for a brand new computer… Like… a very pretty MacAir… Now that would make me very very happy… :D


I would also love a brand new Kindle… I was given an old one recently and it has changed my life… I spend a lot of time reading on a daily basis and sometimes, I just want to make it to bed as early as possible so that I can have a lot of time reading…

kindle-paperwhite-cropBut in the end, I would not really ask any of my relatives for such presents… Those are things that I would want to buy for myself, by going through the process of earning and saving money for it instead of just waiting for it to miraculously land under the Christmas tree. Unless they’d win the lotery of course… ;)

So for Christmas, all I can think about putting on my list is this:

prodigieux-parfumCan’t wait to see if Santa reads my blog.


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