Just tell me

I am far from being perfect!

Sometimes, I can be cranky, passive-aggressive, condescending, judgmental, etc. I sometimes give unsolicited advices because this is how I care and invest myself in a relationship. I can be self-centered and probably many other things that I am not fully aware of yet…

But I do my best and I so badly wish I had more self-control.

I try to watch my words, and the way I communicate and construct my sentences; I try to be open-minded and mindful of others’ circumstances and I try not to judge too fast and be forgiving if they disappoint me; I convince myself that others are also trying their best but that sometimes, words come out of our mouths too quickly and we all so badly wish we could take them back. I do my best to be kind to strangers and be mindful of others around me…

Yet, I am not always successful… Sometimes I am just plain tired or way too hungry and cranky and upset by something else that has absolutely nothing to do with you but still affects our communication and our connection in this moment.

And what would really help, would be you helping me…

If I say something hurtful, just tell me.
If I say something judgmental or condescending, just tell me.
And if I let slip something that sounds mean or hurt your feelings, please do tell me.

Sharing your perspective on things will only help be more aware… There are a few things that I am pretty sensitive about; yet I try to remember that people cannot just simply know what those things are. So if they come to touch a sore spot, I explain that this hurts and that I need them to be kind and mindful about such or such topic… And I do want you to tell me if there are some words or topics that are also difficult for you.

I like to think that I am a pretty good listener and if I see that someone is making an effort to share something personal or intimate or simply difficult to discuss, I will do everything I can to listen without judgment and be supportive.

But please please please… do not expect me to know it all and to know how to be fully respectful of your whole being… I don’t think I am up for that… Because like I said, I am not perfect…


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