I love my couch… and I love your couch too…

Anyone who really knows me also knows how much I tend to be in love with my couch… When in NC, my creamy couch was one of my most cherished possessions: it was comfy and big and firm and soft and it was my favorite place to take a nap… A few of my friends also adored that couch and asked me if they could have it if I ever decided to let go of it… In the end, I gave it away, hoping that someone would enjoy it just as much as I had…

I have so many wonderful memories of that couch: when I was a teacher, I would sometimes come home just so that I could take a 20-minute nap on it before heading to college for my evening classes… When I was training for my half-marathons, I would spend most of my saturdays after a long run laying on it, icing my knees, resting my legs, taking 4-hours naps, and watching Grey’s Anatomy or other TV shows.


Since I came back to France, I have not had a couch that I could really call my own until more recently. And actually, it is not even really a couch. It is more of a hand-made family piece: it was originally built by my father for my younger brother when he went to college; my older brother later took it with him when he went to live in Avignon for a bit; when he moved to Lyon, it actually became the dog’s sleeping area. And when my brother moved to a smaller apartment, he started using it as a couch afain, after obviously replacing the sitting area (Romuald tends to be a bit stinky!).

When I found myself stranded in Lyon, it became mine although most people in my family would have wished that I got a new one. But my mom and I used this fancy mattress to make a new sitting area and it is now so comfy and soft and firm (even if small) and it is my favorite place to spend time over the weekend.

But today, I was thinking that there have been other couches in my life: there was the red couch on Vickers Avenue. I could show up there sometimes when there was no time to go home before going to class, and take a nap… How many friends do you have that let you walk in their house whether they are there or not, crash on their couch without making conversation, and pretty much walk right out when nap time is over? Now that is a true friend… :D And I have often missed that red couch.

More recently, there has been a couch that has been calling my name not too far from here… It is my brother and his significant other’s. They obviously had to buy a new one once they let go of the little one I now call my own and bought this great couch where I can take wonderful naps. Over the summer, I house sat for a week or so while theywere on vacations and I pretty much spent my whole time on the couch… I think at one point, I even got up in the middle of the night to take a short nap on the couch before going back to bed. And when I was asked to take care of Romuald a couple of weeks ago, I was psyched to spend some time with my nap buddy (I am still talking of the couch although it was fun to hang out with Romuald too have him take a nap right next to us on the floor).

I also like my parents’ couch. It is not necessarily very comfy but I like to take a nap on it while my parents are also napping watching TV next to me. I know my mom would rather have me go take a nap in the bedroom so that she would not have to keep the sound of the TV down or be mindful of the noise but I am not a big fan of napping in a bed. Plus, she recently got that really soft blanket and with the return of the colder weather, nap time is getting even better when you get to bury yourself under a blankie made of faux-fur or fleece… Cause I also love blankets…


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