I don’t know for sure how I’ve ended up in Ao Nang. I guess it just so happened that the bungalow I booked online was here and I didn’t realize that it was 30-40 minutes out of Krabi.

When I first saw the bungalow, I got a bit scared. It was really bare: just a bed and a bathroom that didn’t look much fancier that public restrooms, all in cement and nothing else. I walked around the resort and did not see anyone. It was set up in the midst of a tropical jungle and looked like in the middle of absolutely nowhere. So I started walking towards where the beach was supposed to be and ended up in very touristy little town. The view from the beach looked exactly like the pictures I had seen. It felt both surreal and simply meant to be at the same time.

I bought a one-way ticket to the island of Ko Phi Phi and started heading back to my resort as it was already dark. On the way, I stopped for some Thai food. I’ve never been a fan of Thai food in the past but I’m definitely making up for it now.

Once I got back to my bungalow, I started thinking that it really was not that bad. Yes, it is definitely very rudimentary, you can see through the wood panel and the fan only goes full blown or not at all. On the other hand, I’m not in a guesthouse sharing a room with strangers, all the noises I can hear are not created by humans, and sleeping under a mosquito net simply feels fancy to me.

When I got up the day after, I postponed my departure and unless I change my mind again, I will be here through Monday!

Et bienvenue au monde petit Lincoln Montgomery! As far as i’m concerned, taking Asian times in consideration, we’re sharing a birthday… May life bring you much joy and happiness, may your path be empowering and fulfilling, and may your soul be filled with bliss, love, and inner peace. With parents such as yours, you can only be on your way to amazing times. Love you three always. :)



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