I Love Food

Turns out… I love food!

Back in the States, there were times when I was growing really tired of what was around… Plus, being a vegetarian, options were sometimes scarce when going to a regular American bar since there simply are so much nachos or fish and chips one can eat. So sushi became a regular option and sometimes Italian and French depending on the budget.

In Lyon, the only problem with eating out is that there are so many different options that one could go crazy trying to decide.

Over the past year, I have been very lucky to be given the opportunity to try many restaurants in Lyon and it has been very wonderful to eat French food again… I love the concept of quality over quantity and I love how beautifully and delicately prepared and presented everything is.

Today was mother’s day so last night, we decided to take our mom to the amazing L et Lui restaurant in St Paul Trois Chateaux. The weather was nice enough that we were able to eat outside in this gorgeous little courtyard. The concept of L et Lui is to help you discover new aromas and tastes by using flowers, leaves, and others plants you would not have thought about eating in the first place.

In our little amuse-bouche, there were marigold petals and borage flowers, leaves of nasturtium and wild spinach, and hemp seeds. It was so delicate and so new to the taste buds.

The appetizer (entrée in French) was a carrots and fennel soup with a little sorbet of the same, foie gras with rose petals, and salad… That was also amazing…

I should probably mention that the whole experience is actually a surprise. There is no menu to look over… We were asked if there was any fruit or vegetable that we did not eat and whether we had a preference for meat or fish but after that, we just had to wait and see what would be brought to us… And I love that concept. Sometimes, deciding what to have can be a little bit like torture… I already have to decide what to have for lunch and dinner on a daily basis so if you take the option away from me and surprise me,  you will only make me very happy…

For the main dish, some of us had meat while others chose fish… The meat was rabbit saddle stuffed with sage with wild asparagus and mashed celery.

The fish was grayling with mashed sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. There was not a single fish bone left and that made it such a pleasure to savor (and devour!).
Even the bread was homemade and delicious!
For desert, we had chocolate fondant with candied cherries with sorbet, sliced almonds, and mint leaves. It really was a wonderful meal and a perfect experience to celebrate mother’s day.

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