Lately I have learned to slow down considerably. I feel like I have spent the past winter running around, filling up my to do list, and keeping way too busy for my own sanity. I don’t really know what came over me as I have always enjoyed lots of “me time” and down times but for some reasons, I lost control over the rhythm of my days and I became too ambitious.

Well that has now changed… My social life is way less busy: most of my evenings are spent lounging on my newly renovated couch (it used to be so uncomfortable that I barely wanted to sit on it but now, it is perfect for cat naps and series watching) and going to bed early. I have learned to enjoy taking baths, reading books, and just lounge… It has been quite nice and I cannot believe that I had forgotten how nice it is to wake up on a Saturday morning, have breakfast in bed, and watch another episode from the softness of my pillow before getting up for the day…

This past weekend, I went for a picnic (and a nap) in the park, a movie, lunch with friends and sushi for dinner, and then, I did some scrapbooking…

I had been meaning to get into it for a while so when I was given the option to learn from a pro, I immediately took a day off and drove down south. I spent the day keeping my fingers busy, being creative, and enjoying every minute of it… This weekend, I might try to make paper…


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