Les traboules de Lyon

After the cold wave we have been riding over the past couple of weeks, it does not take really high temperatures to make me happy. This past weekend, it went up to 11 degrees Celsius (about 52 degrees Fahrenheit) and I just wanted to be outdoors and enjoy thatgorgeous weather. So we decided to go find some traboules along the hills of Croix Rousse.

Traboules are alleyways that go from one building to another in the old town of Lyon. Most of them can only be found using maps, apps or walking tours easily available online so we downloaded what we needed and went on our way.

First we walked up the Montée de la Muette from the Quai St Vincent and ended up in Le Jardin des Chartreux that is overlooking the Saône River, with views of the Basilique de Fourvière down to the Presqu’île and the Crayon from Part-Dieu.

Then we mapped our walk along some traboulesIt was a lot of searching around for street numbers, pushing old heavy doors, keeping our fingers crossed while hoping they would simply open and let us in. And we did find some gorgeous traboules.

It seems that many of them were used during La Resistance in World War II. I simply could not believe I had been living so close to so many amazing pieces of architecture and had yet to experience them.

Sadly not all of the doors to the traboules were open and I think I may want to return with a tour guide in the hope that it might be a way to see them all and find out about their history.


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