I’m Free… Well, sort of…

Last month, something really wonderful happened and the geeky girl inside of me has been pretty excited about it ever since. You see, cell phone plans have been very disappointing in France. First of all, unless you go all out, most plans include 1 or 2 hours of calling time (although thankfully, it only applies to outgoing calls since incoming calls are cost-free). So imagine the shock when I had to go from a plan that allowed me 7.5 hours of calling time a month combined with unlimited calling time evenings and weekends to a plan with 2 hours of calling time a month. Well it is very very restrictive… Minutes on the phone go by really quickly and before you know it, you get charged extra. Price tag of that plan: about 40 euros per month (about US$53 at the current exchange rate).

And then, there was this company that revolutionized the internet market a few years ago. They came up with a new plan that, for about 30 euros a month, was bundling unlimited internet access, cable TV, and unlimited calling to all land lines in France but also to all phones to many international destinations. That meant free calls to North America… And the name of this awesome company: FREE!!

And sometime over the past couple of years, Free promised to tackle the cell phone market. So in January, after many months spent waiting for their offer, we all little geeky techys were so excited to learn that for 19.99 euros a month, we would get unlimited calling to all landlines and cell phones in France along with unlimited texting and, last but so not least for me, unlimited calls to North America (among many other international destinations). This means that from now on, I could be walking down la Rue de la Ré,riding a velo’v, or driving my car, and be on the phone with my precious friends from overseas at the same time. And that, is simply making me very happy!

And for some reasons I simply can not explain, whenever I think of Free, this song keeps popping up in my head…


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