Quality versus Quantity

Today I had a short meeting on Skype with my boss who works from the US. I had asked for that meeting last week at a time when I remained quite disappointed to be let go. In the meantime, I found out that another one of my coworkers’ was unexpectedly let go without any warning and that news had somehow totally cheered me up because it confirmed how unprofessional they could be and I simply do not wish to work in such an environment where I would feel I would have to constantly watch my back.

So today, I told her that since she had been the one hiring me, I really wanted to hear her feedback on the situation. She told me that because of the distance, she really did not feel that she was in a situation to judge but that from what she had been told, I simply was not performing fast enough. To make a long story short, she feels I am very competent and she has absolutely nothing to say as far as my skills as a translator or a proofreader are concerned, the problem lies in the fact that I take too much time when proofreading because my goal is to end up with high quality translations while their goal is more about quantity. She did not mention any of the things I was told a week earlier. She was very professional and pleasant, exactly the person for whom I had agreed to work; we simply did not share the same vision. She agreed that the whole thing probably had not been handled the best way possible but that the decision was now made.

There really was not much that I wanted to say. Indeed, saying anything more would have made me feel as if I was defending myself and the truth is that I did not feel the need to do so. She told me she was going to be in France in a couple of weeks and I was welcome to stop by and say hi! Mostly, she said that she would be more than happy to have me as a freelance translator when I would be ready to start working as such and I guess that is one good thing. I just have to set it all up.



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