A New Career

A lot has happened over the past couple of weeks… Some of it was not so good but most of it was really great so I will share about that part…

First of all, the school year ended sometimes in May… Actually, classes ended at the end of April after an extremely busy few weeks where all I did was write papers, and prepare for exams, and study study study… I pretty much lost touch with my social life during that time. Then exams took place mid-May… I think I had about a dozen of them but a couple was to translate from French to English or from English to French so I have to confess that I did not study much for those… Within a couple of weeks I received my grades and I was very happy (and surprised!) to see how well I did! And that was it: after having been either a part-time or full-time student for most of the past 5 and a half years, I can now put away my textbooks and start having a life again… Needless to say that it was very easy to transition back from student life… It barely takes an instant… I did consider continuing college simply because I really love to study but at this point in my studies, I needed to start thinking about a thesis subject and absolutely nothing came to mind so I figured it simple had to be a sign that I had to step away from that life style, at least until the inspiration came back.

I did consider going to spend a couple of weeks in the US late June but money was becoming a bit tight (I have barely worked since early 2010) and I simply could not justify taking a trip when I had been already borrowing money from pretty much every single member of my family! And then I found a temp job so that pretty much solved my dilemma. Plus, it is the best job to have when first returning to the working world: it is a 10-minute bike ride from home and I can show up, leave, and take time off pretty much anytime I want… So I manage to work around 30 to 35 hours a week but at the same time, I can linger in bed until I find the strength to get out, which is probably one of my favorite past times.

I have been travelling South, to Provence, and North, all the way to St Malo and the Mont Saint Michel. I have started running seriously again and doing yoga… More recently, I have found a job as a project coordinator working for a French-American translation agency and I will start working as such on September 1st. At first, I was pretty happy about the job offer; then it dawned on me that I was actually about to start my third career. When most people choose a job in their late teens or early twenties and then stick to it for their entire life (and even more so in France than in the US), I have been able to follow many dreams and many paths…

Mostly, I love to keep on challenging myself and reinvent my life and see in how many different directions I can go without losing my true north. This achievement feels pretty special to me for many reasons but mostly because over the past year or so, I have made a few of my most important dreams come true and yes, I am proud of myself! To be continued…


5 thoughts on “A New Career

  1. Congratulations! Isn’t life funny! I am back teaching (www.stkate.edu) and working as a marketing directory (www.goodgroundpress.com), which was my life prior to NC. I get to work around 9:30 at the earliest and I never teach before noon. Both jobs are a 15 minute walk. Heavenly. Otherwise, my kids are huge. We’ll have to skype soon!


    1. Thanks! Life can indeed take us down some wonderful paths as long as we are ready and willing to follow. What’s kind of amazing is that to me –and probably many others in NC- you have mostly been known as a stay-at-home mom. Meanwhile, you have this entire other life that we never suspected… That’s a great lesson to remember: never judge people for the life they have in the moment you are first meeting them… Possibilities are endless!


  2. Hey Magali!
    I am happy for you and excited with all your news. Thanks for updating your blog and enjoy this new phase of your life! Just a few more days til September 1st!! Lots of love, Rebeca. xx


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