At the Farmers’ Market

This morning, I ended up by chance at my neighborhood farmers’ market. I am always a bit fascinated by those: all the fruits and vegetables piled up next to each other in rainbows of random colors, the flowers, the fish and the meat, the cheese and the olives, etc.

In the end, it seems fairly cheaper to buy fruits and veggies there than at the local grocery store so I loaded up on strawberries (I freeze them so that I can use them later in milk shakes), apricots, and melons. I am always a bit reticent at the thought of buying cheese and fish there… I think it is the American in me who might be overly concerned about the temperatures in those display cases…


Plus, all those people selling fresh products while smoking is not exactly inspiring me much confidence: at one point, I saw some fish less than a foot away from a lit cigarette! So if you ask me, that combined with the smell of fresh fish…  beurk!!! I will just have to skip it for now!


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