La Venise des Alpes

The good thing about having been gone from France for close to two decades is that it is pretty much a country to discover for me. There are so many places I want to go visit: Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Bordeaux, le bassin d’Arcachon, le Mont St Michel, etc. And don’t get me started on Europe as I have barely been anywhere on this continent.

So last weekend, I took a trip to Annecy. A friend of mine had shown me pictures and it just looked really beautiful; I love everything water: oceans, seas, and lakes, even swimming pools and jacuzzis ~although waves are making me particularly happy!

I had made plans to meet a new friend there and the weather was supposed to be absolutely gorgeous. Plus, I could most definitely use a break from all that studying. I left Lyon mid-morning and as usual when I get out of the city, I feel like my heart is going to come right out of my chest as I just love getting away from all those buildings, be surrounded by a widened horizon and look at all of the shades of greens that can be found out there. Plus, when driving towards Annecy, you get to drive in-between mountains and it is a pretty amazing sight.

We were supposed to meet by the lake and that was the only direction I had so I was wondering if that was going to be enough but there were indeed signs that directed me to “Le Lac” so it turned out to be pretty easy to find.

First we went for a walk in the streets of Annecy… Little canals run through the city center, lined with restaurants and shops, so it makes for a very charming area. Those little canals are also the reason why Annecy is nicknamed “The Venice of the Alps.”

After lunch, we took a walk back to the lake and went for a pedalo boat ride. It was so nice to be in the middle of the lake, surrounded by the Alps, looking at some snowy mountains while under a beautiful blue and sunny sky. It was all so relaxing…

It definitely made for a very lovely day all around!





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