Home is where the ♥ is.

Two weeks ago, my lovely flatmate (and somewhat sister-in-law) moved out. We had been living together since November, although saying that we “lived together” does not really feel quite right given that she was not around that often. When I came back to Lyon, I moved right back into the little apartment I was staying in last Spring. Why? Well, it was empty! Still, I was not the only one who found it quite convenient and given how difficult it is to find an apartment in Lyon, C. and I decided that we would share the place until we would both find something else. In her case, it took her about two weeks to find her next home. Still, given that France is actually on another planet where time has a totally different meaning (there is a story there but… not today), she had to wait close to thee months before she could move in.

I was also looking but given that I left all my furniture in the US, I figured it might be easier to look for a flatmate situation so that I would not have to buy everything right away. Still, the prices were outrageous and all the places I visited did not feel right… There was the older woman willing to rent her bedroom on the mezzanine while she would go sleep on the couch (in case you’re scratching your head, it does mean that we would have slept IN THE SAME ROOM!!) The young girl who had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and was mostly looking for somebody to party with. And then I realized that staying in the 8ème simply was not all that bad: it is a 15-minute bike ride to campus, a 2-minute walk to the closest subway station and I can be on the presqu’île in less than 15 minutes. The grocery store and the bakery are right across the street and there is free parking for my car… It actually started to look like a pretty good deal… So I talked to the owner and she agreed in letting me keep the place for a very reasonable amount in exchange for fixing up little things here and there…

So when C. moved out, I brought all my belongings to Lyon: some have crossed the ocean with me, others have been patiently waiting for my return for close to 20 years…

I took a couple of trips to IKEA (I bought the exact same rug and set of silverware that I had in NC), I borrowed a couch from the owner (one of the rooms in the apartment is full of her belongings, which is another reason for the low rent), I was given a fridge and some coffee tables. I even grabbed an old stepladder from the cellar and turned it into a beautiful candleholder…

Now I have a cozy little place to call my own. And I have to say that even though I have been missing Chimney Ridge a lot for many different reasons, it is nice to be surrounded by all my stuff again… In some ways, I am starting to feel whole again.


3 thoughts on “Home is where the ♥ is.

  1. I love this: “given that France is actually on another planet where time has a totally different meaning”. :)

    Your apartment sounds great. And I agree, the 8ème has some great perks!


  2. It’s so great to see your place, it’s so cute! BTW the stepladder idea was great!! I miss you so much and I’m looking forward to visiting you soon!


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