An Anniversary…

About a year ago on Memorial Day weekend, I had a moment of enlightenment (or maybe it was a mini-breakdown) and I decided to leave the US. I can remember it as a defining moment, sitting on my deck, on the phone with my younger brother… I got off the phone, went to the pool and I remember saying to Oscar “I am moving to Montpellier.” It was quite out of nowhere! I mean for years I have wondered whether I should return to France but I had never been really close to seriously consider it. That was May 24th, 2009. On July 13th, I was closing on my condo and life has been moving forward from then.

And today, here I am in ‘my’ little apartment in Lyon, France. I made it through an extremely busy year, working part-time and going to school full-time in the fall, and then spending over two months doing barely nothing more than studying in order to take exams. Now the exams are behind me. I still have a few more to take in September or October but first I want to get the results of the ones I already took before starting studying again. In case I might have failed miserably. Because if that is the case, I think I might just want to rethink the whole thing.

In the meantime, I need to figure out where to go next. I have a lot of ideas in mind but nothing that I really want to share with the world… Once you start talking about what you might want to do, it seems that people think that you have already make up your mind in doing it… I mean I started talking about the transatlantic move over a year ago but I was only 100% sure I was going to go through with it when I was on the plane, calling to have my cell phone service cancelled. Because as I always say, I am only sure of what I have already done. The rest is only about possibilities…


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