Wide Open

So I just got back from Toulouse a couple of days ago. I took 7 exams covering 15 different subjects. I think that I did pretty well but considering that I have never gotten much feedback from the professors, I may be overestimating myself. I will just have to wait and see and hope for the best.

The time I spent in Toulouse was really nice: I spent most of it studying, but I did it outdoors, on a lounging chair, sometimes staying outside until 10pm because it simply was light enough to do so. I was able to go running in the forest nearby, and I simply felt in vacation the whole time eventhough I did not really have that much ‘conventional old fun.’

On the way back home, we decided to stop by in Bouzigues, this little village close to Sètes so we could have some ‘moules-frites’ (mussels and fries). I felt so extremely happy and asked my mom to take some pictures (I rarely get to have pics of me… I guess that’s the down side of being single -there is hardly ever someone around to take your picture).

And when I looked at the pictures later, it reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend Maria a couple of weeks ago: we were talking about how when living in the States, we felt so free and somehow empowered that it was like having our arms wide open to catch everything, while being in France, everything seemed so small that we felt we had to make ourselves so small and invisible to somewhat fit in. So looking at the pictures almost made me realized how free and happy I felt in those moments, reminding me that life is beautiful!


PS: the mussels were incredibly amazing and delicious!


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