Here I am in my little twin bed in Toulouse! Things have been going by pretty quickly: packing everything on Monday to take the plane that evening, ER in London but safe landing in Lyon on time… I have been pretty exhausted and I am having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the food… I know, probably not what anyone would expect but I think it is going to be quite a challenge for me to remain meat-free in this country. Even my parents seem to not really understand that it is a choice and are trying to tell me that it is no big deal if I eat a little bit of meat!!

Culture shock has started! I don’t really know where to start to explain but I find that people are a bit damaged here… I felt that way once, in Walmart in RI in the middle of winter… I thought it was the lack of sun and warm weather that made people look sadder and more down… I don’t really know what the explanation here is… Guess I am going to have to wait a bit more to figure it out!

Going to spend the day at the university tomorrow! I hope that they won’t make me feel like there is no way in hell that I can be ready for the exams that will take place mid-may! A couple more days of resting and I am going to start being a true full-time student… And somewhere along that path, figure out what I want to do with my life: where I want to live (somewhere really warm and sunny), what kind of job I want (something that pays really well so that I can travel back to the States often), and all those little other things that make for a fulfilling life…

We shall see!

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