Natalie & Valerie

Just spend an awesome day, visiting with Valerie and Natalie… It was nice to see that after all those years, we still enjoy each other’s company so much… You never know what the future holds and it always brings us many surprises but I am pretty sure that they both will be in my life for many years to come. It was great and sad… I know I love moving and seeing new places but there is something so comforting about spending time with people who have known you for a while, people who have been there for you during rough times and with whom you can totally be yourself! I am definitely going to miss that very very much! And the fact that a couple of my closest friends either just got engaged (I just got off the phone with you Natalie ~if you ever get to read this!), or will be doing so really soon is making me feel like I am going to miss out on too much fun! But I guess I can look at it that I will have a very good reason to come back and visit!

In the meantime, it feels like I am suddenly viewing my surrounding through rose-colored glasses: I was in WalMart last week and almost felt nostalgic… Same thing at the mall today! Meanwhile, I have never really enjoyed going to either one of these places… But then again, I have always believed that it sometimes takes loosing something to realize that we care about it… Although in this case, I think it is simply me starting to experience “last times.” Days have been flying by and there is so so much left to do… But I know that I will find a way to put it together and be on my way…


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